If you’re an entrepreneur or a manager who wants to immigrate to Canada, there are a number of business immigration options that Canadian provincial and federal governments may offer to you.

Through the Business Class immigration programs, Canada attracts people who gave a great ability to contribute to the economy of Canada. These programs are provided with an aim to promote the economic development as well as the employment market by alluring the entrepreneurs, investors & self-employed people from outside the nation with available business acumen, entrepreneurial skills and venture capital. They even seek to flourish commercial opportunities & develop access to the blooming foreign markets by welcoming individuals who are acquainted with those markets & their unique customs and requirements.

People with managerial/business experience & comparatively high net worth can be eligible to apply for a Canada Immigration Visa under any of the business immigration programs in Canada under one of these sub-categories:

Federal Self-Employed Program: To qualify as a self-employed individual, a person should be willing & able to support himself/herself as well as any dependent with self-employed income having experience in athletics or cultural activities.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program: This business immigration program enables people to immigrate to Canada and gain permanent residence by making a passive, government secured investment.

Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program: A start-up visa business person should secure funding as well as support from a designated investment organization in Canada. To do so he/she the individual should have a plan for a special business, which will be created in the Canadian nation.

Processing Fees

The processing fees for business immigration in Canada vary from one Immigration Visa office to another.

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