Syed Khan – 19 September 2021,

Amazon Canada is starting a huge hiring fair from this week to fill up to 15,000 jobs in a bid to expand its workforce within the country. This marks an increase of almost 60 percent to the companies already existing workforce in the country which numbers at 25,000. The company is also making advances to attract workers from other companies with a significant increase in wages during the labor shortage. The company held a virtual job fair on 15th of September to recruit new employees.

Amazon Canada is starting to increase its starting wage for employees to an amount between $17 and $21.65 per hour. Currently, the starting employees are paid $16 an hour, which marks the increase as a raise of almost 6.25 to 35.3 percent on the current base pay.

Quote from the Amazon interview:

“We have a job for just about everyone,” said Ardine Williams, vice-president of human development.

Canada is fast becoming the home ground for tech companies to open establishments and expand business due to its immigration policies and its strong advantage in the new wave of technology, parity in access to markets and capital, and a relatively better cost advantage compared to other countries.

There exist many programs for highly skilled tech workers to attain permanent residency in Canada. These include the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Under this program, the Canadian work permits and visa applications are quickly processed within a time span of two weeks.

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