We are committed to enabling high net worth individuals with a Startup plan (SUV) to create a mark in Canada. Welcome to the Canadian Startup Visa Program! We understand that moving to a foreign country like Canada can be intimidating, but with our team at your side, provide direction at each step of the journey towards the startup Visa Process. We are here to walk you through the SUV program dynamics, regulatory environments, and provide strategic partnerships, positioning you, to make a significant impact both locally and globally. We will be your go to resource as you delve into the specifics of the Canadian Startup Visa Program, helping you navigate the nuances of presenting your company to approved businesses. We will make sure you’re ready for the trip ahead, from planning to get that initial clearance to putting up a tailored corporate structure that meets your needs and meets the compliance of SUV.

The phases we will be assisting you with are: –

Phase 1: Approval of Designated Entity We help entrepreneurs in creating unique organizational structures, guaranteeing compliance, and presenting their company to approved entities.

Phase 2: Application for Permanent Residency and Work Permit Our expert team members expedites the application process for Work Permits and Permanent Residency, helps create Canada Job Bank accounts, and simplifies company creation.

Phase 3: Support and Expansion of Operations We provide continuous operational support to enable businesses to succeed in the Canadian market.

Startups individuals may count on us as a committed partner for success. Reach out to us for more information about our Startup Visa Program and take a confident start to your entrepreneurial endeavours.

(if not we will do this for them based on their experience and market requirements)
Do you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada based on the size of your family?
Do you meet the financial net worth requirement for your startup?