Business Visitor Visa in Canada

A business visitor visa in Surrey, Canada is a person who comes temporarily to Canada for business activities without entering the labour market directly. He or she may visit Canada for any of these following purposes:

  • meeting his or her Canadian clients
  • growing his or her business
  • investment
  • advancing business relations
  • observe site visits
  • training

A business visitor needs to show that:

  • The stay is for less than 6 months
  • He/She is not going to enter the labour market of Canada
  • The main business place, income source as well as profits is outside the Canadian nation
  • All his/her documents support his/her application
  • He/she has a valid travel document like passport
  • There is sufficient money for staying in Canada and returning back to home
  • There is a plan to leave Canada at the end of the visit
  • There are no criminal records and that he/she isn’t a threat to the Canadians in terms of health or security

During the stay under a Business Visitor Visa in Canada a business visitor can travel at any place to Canada while visiting friends, family & enjoying the tourist attractions along the way. He/she can attend any trade shows, conferences and meetings with the new clients, seek out business opportunities & explore options to extend their stay in Canada. For full duration of the visa, the business visitor is free to explore the entire nation without the need of any Canadian travel visa or work permit application in Canada.

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