Although the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) is presently closed for any new applicant, individuals may apply for PR through this program if they have 2 years of minimum work experience in the program and:

They are presently working in the nation with the LCP work permit or

They have been approved for their LCP work permit based on their employer’s positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application submitted before or on November 30,2014.

If you want to hire a nanny or caregiver through this program, you should:

  • first be a PR or citizen of Canada
  • be able to pay the professional
  • give them the much needed space in your house
  • give them a job to care for your child, an aged person or a person with disability
  • hire a person who is already a part of the program and wishes to continue the job on a live-in basis making sure the caregiver gets a new work permit
  • get a positive LMIA
  • include the live-in arrangement in LMIA application

How to apply?

You and your caregiver should sign a written legal contract, which needs to be submitted with the LMIA application. It should include a description of:

  • the benefits that you are going to give to your caregiver
  • job duties
  • work hours
  • housing
  • pay
  • sick leave and vacation benefits
  • details of how the employment may end

Obtain a LMIA

You should get a positive LMIA before a live-in caregiver can start to work in your home. To know about how to apply for an LMIA while hiring a caregiver and other details regarding LMIA application, get in touch with our LMIA consultant in Vancouver.