The number of students studying in Canada is more than 300,000 – a figure, which is exponentially growing every year. These students are opting Canada over other developed nations because of some great benefits, which Canada is offering to its students. Individuals who are studying in Canada get internationally-respected and top-quality education. The cost of living and tuition fees in Canada are also lower in comparison to other developed nations of the world.

Studying in the Canadian nation

Canada study permit: This is the most standard way of studying in Canada. When studying in Canada with a study permit you are eligible for a study permit extension.

Study without a study permit: You can study in Canada without a study permit under a few circumstances.

Working while studying in Canada: You can work while studying in Canada if you are in need of more funds.

Working after studying in Canada: Graduates can have an access to a Post-Graduation work permit after completing their studies in the country. This kind of work permit enables some individuals who have already studied in Canada to live and work under the open work permit for up to 3 years and get valuable work experience, which can ultimately help to get a PR status in Canada.

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