Employers may hire a foreign worker on a temporary or a full-time basis to support the immigration of a skilled worker to Canada.

There are many options to select from, based on your particular requirements but all begins with an employment offer. If you happen to be an employer in Canada and want to hire a foreign employee permanently, you will need to hire a person who has obtained a permanent residency in Canada. Many programs are available to hire a foreign worker.


Temporary worker: The Temporary Foreign Worker Program will allow you to hire a foreign worker to fill up the labor & skill shortages temporarily. You can hire a worker who is already in Canada or from outside the nation. There are two kinds of TFW (Temporary Foreign Workers) – lower skilled and higher skilled. This program is used for hiring a foreign worker for up to 4 years.

Higher skilled worker: A TFW can help you meet your labor needs when PR and citizens of Canada aren’t available to fill the position. This kind of worker can often bring in expert knowledge and innovative skills to help the nation’s economy grow. You can hire a TFW in a higher skilled position like management, technical, scientific, trade or professional occupations. The position should require formal training or education such as college education, university education, academics, apprenticeship training and vocational education.

Live-in Caregivers: Live-in caregivers should offer care for a minimum of thirty hours a week to children under eighteen years of age or people over sixty-five years of age or people with disabilities. These professionals can live as well as work without any kind of supervision in the household where the care is offered. They should also meet other requirements that are set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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