Canada is a hotspot destination for tourists, businessmen, workers & students all over the world. Millions of immigrants and visitors travel to Canada each and every year having various ambitions, future aspects and goals. The study and business environment, visionary leadership, conducive Government policies and diverse culture suits immigrants with various aspirations and objectives.

The country is one of the most ideal ones to live, study, travel, work and business because of the following reasons:

  • Canada is a developed country having a strong economy
  • Memerizing scenic beauty and locations
  • Transparent Government policies
  • Great quality of life and standard of living
  • Adventurous destination with outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, climbing, Kayaking, skiing, showshoeing trails and canoeing

There are different kinds of visa for different categories of people visiting Canada. They are :

Business Visitor Visa – Business visitors who want to visit Canada temporarily for business purposes without entering the labour market directly need Business Visitor Visa to enter the nation.

Super Visa – Parents and grandparents of PR and citizens in Canada wanting to visit the nation need to apply for Super Visas known as extended visitors’ visas.

Visitor Visa – Travelers visiting Canada for tourism purpose need Visitor visa to travel to the nation.

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