The Canadian Visitor Visa is a famous visa category among all those tourists who are planning to visit Canada on a short term basis.

Basic Requirements to Visit Canada on Visitor Visa

If you’ve planned to visit the Canadian nation, you should know the basic requirements for a Visitor Visa application.

  • Have a sound health
  • Have a valid passport & other travel related documents
  • Have a moral character
  • Should be able to persuade the immigration officer that you have your property, family, assets etc. and so you would definitely come back to your own country
  • Should be able to persuade your immigration officer that you’ll leave Canada before your Visa expires
  • Have enough capital to support yourself in Canada and that capital amount depends upon how long you’re going to be in Canada and whether you are staying with your friends, family or a paid accommodation
  • Shouldn’t have records of being involved in a criminal activity, organized crime or human rights violations
  • A medical test & invitation letter from someone who stays in Canada may also be needed

Applying for a Visitor Visa

You may apply for a tourist or visitor visa in Canada both online or on paper. To take the first step for your Visitor Visa in Canada, fill up our free assessment form online. A reliable Immigration consultant at I Can Help Immigration Services will review your application and call you back within 48 hours with right suggestions and procedure details.