The Canadian federal government has announced that Ontario’s immigration allocation will be boosted to 9,750, a more than 8 percent increase compared to 2021. Following this announcement Ontario will now be able to nominate more people through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

During the first part of 2021, the allocated number was 8,600 but Ontario had
successfully managed to reach 9,000 through an in-year reallocation.

The OINP had previously stated that the Entrepreneur Pilot will be launched in collaboration with the Toronto Business Development Centre.

This two-year pilot is aimed at recruiting 100 foreign entrepreneurs to invest at least
$200,000 each towards buying or starting their own businesses outside the Greater
Toronto Area.

Through this program, Ontario hopes to create jobs in sectors like tourism and
economically promote the region by attracting an estimated $20 million in investment.
Candidates who buy or start business through the Entrepreneur Program can obtain PR
after the business has been operating in Ontario for 18 – 20 months.

The province of Ontario has one of the highest rates in all provinces and territories of
bringing in economic immigrants. Ontario Immigration also offers candidates faster
processing options like the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker
Program which processes applications in under 2 weeks. The Skilled Worker Program
has significantly increased the number of immigrants as more than 3,555 migrants
became permanent residents under it in 2021. From January to October, 165
new permanent residents settled in Ontario under Start-Up and Self-Employed business

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