Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced that Canada will be modernizing and improving the passport renewal processes making it simpler and easy to renew lost, stolen, or damaged passports or those passports that have expired more than 15 years ago.

Under the new changes announced, the candidate needs only the following documentation to apply for the renewal process:

  • Completed forms with valid documentation (No need to provide proof of citizenship or original documents)
  • Two photos
  • Two references

This new rule, however, does not apply to those who are applying for a passport for the first time, they will still need to submit all valid documentation for this process.

Quote by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser:

“As international travel resumes, we need to continue to modernize and improve our passport services to make sure we meet the needs of Canadians. Simplifying the renewal process will make it easier and faster for Canadians to get their passports and is another step toward greater modernization while prioritizing the health and safety of Canadians and our employees.”

In January, the Canadian passport had ranked among the most powerful passports in the world according to the Henley Passport Index.

If you are the holder of a Canadian passport, you can travel visa-free to 185 countries and to another 48 countries that only require a visa upon arrival.

Access to travel without a visa is indicative of the freedom of citizens of the country. Before traveling to Canada, holders of visa-exempt passports are required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization. It costs $7 CAD and can be obtained online.

Dual citizenship is also extremely common in Canada with almost one in 20 Canadians holding more than one passport. Foreign nationals from 49 countries can become Canadian citizens while also retaining their citizenship in their home countries. However, there is no official recognition of dual citizenship by the Canadian government.

A Canadian passport holder with dual citizenship can also visit the country they hold the passport of, without getting a visa. This reduces visa processing fees and other expenses too. Dual citizens, however, will not be exempt from legal obligations to obey all laws with regards to military service, providing for the public education system, and paying taxes.

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