Syed Khan – 4 October 2021,

Nova Scotia immigration announces a $2.5-million marketing campaign to attract immigrants and Canadians living in other provinces to settle down in Nova Scotia. This campaign aims to encourage more people to move to the Atlantic Canadian province and fix serious labor shortages. Nova Scotia welcomed 6,428 new immigrants this year despite the border and travel restrictions, many of them who moved here from other provinces.

In the results published by an online study in July, 75 percent Nova Scotians are of the opinion that the province should work towards bringing in more immigrants from outside the country. 92 percent of them would like the province to hire medical doctors from overseas.

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is an indispensable tool for the candidates applying as it helps the Canadian work permits and visa applications get processed within two weeks.

Quote by the provincial Immigration Minister Jill Balser:

“We need to encourage more people to move to Nova Scotia to help us fill labor gaps, rebuild our economy, and set a bold new course for business and financial growth”

“A marketing campaign will help us tell our story, show off our natural assets and demonstrate to the world why Nova Scotia is such an amazing place to study, work, live and raise a family.”

Quote by Pat Dunn, Nova Scotia’s minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism, and Heritage.

“People across Canada and beyond are increasingly looking to Nova Scotia as an attractive place to visit, work and live,”

“Drawing on the experience within Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage will let us showcase the diverse beauty of Nova Scotia’s cultures and people as we work with Immigration to help our communities grow and prosper.”

All quotes and more information can be found on the Nova Scotia Immigration website here (Investment Supports Efforts to Attract Newcomers and Build Nova Scotia’s Economy)

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